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Nearly two weeks ago a kind person spotted Lucky while walking her own dog and alerted us to his condition. We went the next morning to assess the situation and were shocked when we first saw him.

Lucky’s previous owner refused to take him to the vet even though Lucky was clearly in discomfort. She said unless an animal is screaming and crying they are fine.

After a short discussion she signed him over to us.

We took Lucky straight to our vets but due to the growth being so big they advised us to see a specialist vet to find out if it would be possible to operate on Lucky or if was too late to save him.

Fionna kindly offered to foster Lucky to give him as much love and care until he could be seen by the specialist. This could have been the last week of his life and we just wanted him to be happy, comfortable and loved.

In response to our foster home appeal we had some people criticising us for not just putting Lucky to sleep. They thought he was suffering and it wouldn’t be fair to operate on him. The last thing we want is for any animal to suffer or to be kept alive just for the sake of it. But without knowing or having spoken to a specialist how could we have made this decision?

Lucky had his appointment at the specialist referral veterinary practice last Monday. A scan was done of the growth, and a check was done to see if the tumour had spread to his lungs or other organs, blood tests and a biopsy were also done.

We didn’t get particularly good news on Monday though. The tumour itself seemed operable and there is no evidence of spread to the lungs or other organs. But his blood tests showed a couple of low liver enzymes, he also has severe hypotegenerative anaemia. This could have been a problem, as he is not producing new blood cells. We were told the biopsy would take a few days but the vet said we need all the results to make the best decision in Lucky’s interest.

Then finally we received an email on Saturday from the specialist with the results of the biopsy. The news was really good and the specialist recommends to go ahead with the surgery! He said that Lucky will be able to have a normal and happy life after the surgery. His operation is booked in for this coming Friday.

We are so incredibly happy for Lucky that he now has the chance to have this horrible tumour removed and live a normal happy life.


Lucky had his operation today….

Surgery went well, here he is recovering, and receiving a blood donation from Syd the foster families other dog.

He has to stay in the clinic until tomorrow for observation, but he is doing very, very well. We will post an update tomorrow …


Lucky is recovering very well from the operation so far. He obviously has some pain, which is being managed with a combination of metacam and morphine patches. Eating is also going well, he has mastered the tongue flick nicely, and is having small meals of liquid food throughout the day, though once healed he should be able to eat normal food.

As you can see in the photos Lucky had a large part of his lower jaw removed from in front of his last molar, so he has very little lower jaw left which results in his tongue hanging out, and may need shortening once he has recovered.

Lucky definitely feels a lot better after the operation. As each day goes by and the bruising and soreness from

the surgery recedes he will blossom.

The biggest challenge is going to be in keeping him calm and resting now after his operation. Already he is asking to go for a walk.

We want to thank everyone in the name of Lucky and our whole team who has already donated towards the vet bills for Lucky.

Your support means so much to us and only with your help we are able to do what we are doing. Thank you so much!

Find Luckies full story here:

If you haven’t already and would like to make a donation towards to vet bills and care for Lucky please find the donation information below:



IBAN: FR76 1558 9228 1406 8047 6174 009


The Green Valley Brittany
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Thank you so much for your support.

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