Calimero – Adoption update

The new family of Calimero the 14 year old Breton spaniel who was abandoned by his owner, has just sent us the most heartwarming update on him which we would like to share with you:

‘One week ago this little lad arrived, feeling low and insecure having been abandoned. Already we’re seeing such a different dog. He’s confident, sweet, funny and so gentle. He now knows where the treat tin is and sits next to it, barking. He’s also a big fan of the ‘magic cupboard’ (fridge)! Had a vet check on Saturday and unfortunately he has a heart murmur so he’s on medication to try to regulate his ticker, but other than that he’s a healthy happy old boy. He’s slotted right in with this mad house and we’re really loving his presence.

I really want people to not overlook the older animals. They have so much to offer. Funnily enough, before Cali, I was one of those people who thought that I should give an oldie a chance, but would be more drawn to the puppies.’

Thank you so much to you, Rachel and Nic, the new family of Calimero, for coming all the way to collect Cali and for giving him such fabulous home. Reading your messages is so heartwarming and makes everything we do in the world of rescue so worthwhile. Thank you

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